Safety and security
Safety and security

Safety and security must always come first in an airport environment. We are committed to ensuring the highest levels of safety and security across our operations.

Putting safety first

Our Safety Management System (SMS) operates across our organisation to identify, assess and manage safety issues and risks. It meets civil aviation and workplace health and safety requirements relevant to our operations, and supports a safe culture in everything we do.

We constantly monitor our performance to ensure the safety of our visitors, staff and other stakeholders, and report on our safety commitments as part of our Sustainability Report.

Keeping our airport secure

We understand security requires constant vigilance, and our security approach ensures we meet the regulatory obligations governing our industry. We complete regular reviews of our security approach to ensure our program clearly defines the airport’s security context, mitigation measures and emergency plans.

If you’re visiting our airport, look out for communications featuring the Secure SYD brand mark for important security messages.