Health and wellbeing

Sydney Airport is committed to providing a mentally and physically healthy work environment that supports staff to achieve optimum health by staying active, connecting with others, being informed, fulfilling potential and having each other’s back.

We recognise each of our people will experience matters that can influence their health and wellbeing.

Our health and wellbeing strategy focuses on building better health and wellbeing by:

  • understanding the mental health of our staff through psychosocial risk assessments, mental health audits and reviewing feedback from engagement surveys
  • increasing mental health awareness through training programs, talks and webinars, participation in RUOK and World Mental Health Day activities, internal champions across the business and a dedicated intranet page
  • equipping leaders to support staff with mental health concerns through training programs, facilitated discussions, mental health first aid training, and a manager assist hotline
  • supporting staff with mental health issues via access to Sydney Airport’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), mental health first aid training, mental health and wellbeing resources and training programs

Sydney Airport provides access to free professional, independent, and confidential counselling for employees and contractors and members of their immediate family through our EAP. Our EAP service offers information and resources via a Wellbeing portal that is available to all staff and a Manager Assist Hotline to provide people leaders with additional support and guidance. It also provides financial, legal, manager support and general counselling services.

Our health and wellbeing commitment is supported by a number of initiatives including an annual health & wellbeing subsidy towards any health and wellbeing activity, three wellbeing days of leave per year and a flu vaccination program.

Sydney Airport also has a number of policies that support the health and wellbeing of our people including:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy
  • Critical Incident Support Policy
  • Return to Work Policy
  • Fatigue Management Policy
  • Flex@SYD - Flexible Work Policy
  • Domestic Violence Leave Policy