Stakeholder engagement

We regularly engage with stakeholders and the community regarding airport activities.

We are a member of the Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF), which was established by the Australian Government and has an independent chair. Its members are appointed by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development. SACF’s role is to act as a forum for:

  • providing advice to the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Sydney Airport and aviation authorities on the abatement of aircraft noise and related environmental issues at Sydney Airport. In particular, it's the main body for consultation on the Long-Term Operating Plan for the airport
  • providing advice to aviation authorities to facilitate improved consultation and information flows to the community about the airport’s operations

Other members of SACF include representatives from the communities surrounding the airport, local councils, Federal and state Members of Parliament and representatives from the international and domestic airline industry. You can access more information on SACF and view its meeting minutes on the SACF website.

We attend and regularly report to SACF about a range of airport-related issues, including:

  • impacts of existing development and operations
  • plans for future development and steps being taken to implement the airport’s Master Plan or develop a new plan
  • proposals to increase or change aviation services
  • noise (including aircraft noise) and environmental issues
  • ground transport and access issues
  • access issues for passengers, including people with disabilities
  • planning, regulatory, and policy changes affecting the airport
  • improvements or changes to airport facilities
  • ensuring effective complaints-handling procedures are in place
  • reports from Airservices Australia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority on issues affecting the community
  • the contribution of the airport to the local, regional and national economy
  • strategies to ensure the broad community is informed of issues discussed in the group

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