Community investment and engagement

We are committed to developing and maintaining strong links with the community, not just in the vicinity of the airport, but across Sydney and NSW.

Stakeholder engagement

With a large number of stakeholders who have a diverse range of interests, we ensure that our community and stakeholder engagement processes are inclusive, accessible and transparent.

We engage with local communities and organisations about airport operations, proposed development and future planning.

Our Master Planning process includes extensive stakeholder engagement. To understand more about the stakeholder engagement undertaken for Master Plan 2039, see section 5.3 of the Master Plan.

We are members of the Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF), alongside government, local mayors and representatives of the local community and aviation industry. SACF was established by the Australian Government and has an independent chair. Its members are appointed by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development. SACF role is to act as a forum for:

  • Providing advice to the relevant Minister, Sydney Airport and aviation authorities on the abatement of aircraft noise and related environmental issues at Sydney Airport. In particular, it is the main body for consultation on the Long Term Operating Plan for the airport.
  • Providing advice to aviation authorities to facilitate improved consultation and information flows to the community about the airport’s operations.

In 2019 a deliberative community engagement forum, the Sydney Airport Community Panel was established. Panel members nominated to be a part of this forum where they sought to answer the question “How can Sydney Airport support its local community?”.

Visit the Sustainability report and the Stakeholder engagement section for more information.

Community investment

Our community investment strategy sets out three pillars which guide our investment.

Live localLeading and learningSydney's Airport
We are committed to being a good neighbour and playing a role in keeping our local communities connected, healthy, vibrant and thriving. Click here for more.We support initiatives that provide opportunities for our leaders of tomorrow. We support those to be the best in their field, with a particular focus on supporting minority groups and reducing inequalities in our community. Click here for more.We are working to strengthen relationships between the airport and our communities by supporting tourism-generating initiatives that benefit the city and local communities, and by developing a sense of place at Sydney Airport that reflects our city. Click here for more.

We actively engage with local communities and organisations about airport operations, proposed development and future planning. We also participate in and support our local communities through our established grants programs.

We run numerous corporate initiatives to raise funds for charitable causes and we work to support the tourism industry through sponsorship and partnership programs across a range of levels.

Our employees are encouraged to get involved in their communities through our workplace donations and volunteering programs. Our workplace donations program allows our people to donate money to selected charities through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Our community investment is measured annually by the London Benchmarking Group and reported in our Sustainability Report.