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Does Sydney Airport recycle water?

Yes. For more information about our water recycling initiatives please visit our Water Recycling Plant page.

What happens if my ASIC or VIC is lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed?
How long does it take for a background checks to be completed?
What type of assets/resources are available for download on Sydney Airport website?
Am I required to update my ASIC details if I changed my address or my name?
Are there any mobile phone recharging stations at Sydney Airport?
What are the regulatory requirements in obtaining a Visitor Identification Card (VIC)?
Does Sydney Airport have a free wifi service?
Do I need a permit to take pictures or videos at Sydney Airport for commercial use?
Do I have to make an appointment for the test?
If I have submitted my application and sat and passed the Security Awareness test do I have to re-sit the test again when I collect my card?
Where can I print out a document stored on my laptop computer, USB drive or external drive at Sydney Airport?
Can I submit a copy of an ASIC application via fax or email?
My ASIC is due for renewal; do I have to produce my original primary ID documents again and provide 10 years of residential history again?
Can I submit a police certificate from another country if it is not in English?
How do I know if my ASIC has arrived and is ready to be collected?
Can I post my card back if I have left my job at the airport?
Does Sydney Airport have any internet kiosks?
I am an ASIC holder and I have recently been convicted and sentenced for an aviation security related offence. Am I required to report it and how do I report it?
What happens if my ASIC expires?
Do I have to return my card once it has expired or is no longer required (e.g. if I leave my job at the airport)?
Can I keep the same photo as last time?