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Airside Driving Centre


Airside driving test booking

Location Airport Services Centre, Level 3, Terminal 1, near the medical centre
Hours of Operation Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 16:00
Saturday - Sunday: closed
Email  adasvc@syd.com.au  
Fax  +61 2 9667 6252 or +61 2 8338 4924
Phone   +61 2 9667 6079 or +61 2 9667 9079

Airside driving theory and practical tests

Please use the following link in order to book a test.  You can use this link to book a test 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively please contact the Driving Centre on the details listed above.

Book a Test


Airside Vehicle Control Handbook (AVCH)

 Airside Vehicle Control Handbook

The AVCH includes legislative requirements, authority to use airside, authority to drive airside, rules for driving airside, the points system, approved training officers and radio procedures at Sydney Airport.

Runway Stop Bars

Sydney Airport has installed Runway Stop Bars at all Runway Hold Points
as an added protection measure to minimise the risk of runway
incursions. Runway Stop Bars apply to any aircraft or vehicle intending
to enter the runway strip. For more infomation click on the information

 Runway Stop Bars Fact Sheet (1.5MB)

Introduction to Runway Stop Bars (WMV Video, 43MB)

Airside Driving Pocketbook

Airside Driving Pocketbook - Update July 2015

The Airside Driving Pocketbook has now been condensed incorporating Cat 2 and Cat 3/4 airside driving requirements into one document. The pocketbook provides a quick reference guide to explain the main rules which apply to all drivers operating at Sydney Airport. It should be read in conjunction with the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook.

Application forms

 Authority to Drive Airside - Application Form - Version 200913 (57kB)

 Authority to Use Airside - Application Form - Version 200913 (47kB)