Airport Works Plans (AWP)

Sydney Airport will be upgrading the AWP process to a digital system during 2019. Once the system has been rolled out, word document applications will not be accepted. This page will be updated to reflect the current process. Do not save a local copy of the form.

Who needs a AWP?

Any contractor conducting works on Sydney Airport land. This includes companies either directly engaged by Sydney Airport, or engaged by a Tenant/Retailer/Airline/Operator at Sydney Airport. If works are contracted by a Tenant/Retailer/Airline/Operator, they are considered third party works.

An Approved AWP must be posted on a hoarding, stored at the worksite, and/or carried on person by any contractors conducting works. It is a document to demonstrate that the contractor has an established relationship with Sydney Airport to conduct the works, or that the contractor has an established relationship with a Tenant/Retailer/Airline/Operator to conduct the works. The works must comply with the conditions on the AWP, such as scope, hours of work, and location.

Any works being conducted without the contractor being able to present an Approved AWP will be stopped.

What type of works need an AWP?

All works - including deliveries, site inspections, photography, site measure, cleaning… right up to construction works, and Shutdowns.

Tools of Trade

If a contractor is required to carry tools in and out of the Terminal Sterile areas to complete these works, the Approved AWP will contain a Tools of Trade form. Please make sure the company names on the AWP application match the company names on the back of the ASIC exactly.

Sydney Airport Facilitator

The AWP application must be reviewed and approved for processing by a designated Sydney Airport Facilitator. For project related works, this will most likely be the Sydney Airport Project Manager. For maintenance works, this will be the Sydney Airport Contract Manager. For works on behalf of a retail tenancy, it will be a member of the Sydney Airport Retail Team. For works on behalf of a property tenancy, it will be a member of the Sydney Airport Property team.

How do I apply?

Click here to access the AWP Application Form via InfoSyd.