Reconciliation Action Plan
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Sydney Airport is one of the world’s oldest continually operating airports, having launched our first flight one hundred years ago in 1919. However, for at least sixty millennia before the airport came into being, thousands of generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples lived across today’s coastal area of Sydney, including in and around the land now occupied by Sydney Airport.

This coastal area is rich in natural, cultural and historical significance and we recognise the special significance that land in this area holds for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Through our first Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, Sydney Airport is stating our commitment to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and to making a tangible, positive and lasting contribution to reconciliation.

Acknowledgement of Country

Sydney Airport acknowledges the Aboriginal people of coastal Sydney who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which today’s airport sits. They identify themselves in a number of ways including Gamayngal, Bideagal, Gweagal, Gadigal and Gadhungal. We pay our respects to them, and to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have made this area their home. We pay respect to their cultures and to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Our vision

Our vision for reconciliation is to build respect, understanding, unity and equality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians. We will do this by facilitating and driving positive and tangible connections and exchanges with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities through engagement with our airport community of more than 30,900 employees and our passengers and customers.


Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2019 - 2021

Our inaugural Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan outlines how we propose to embed reconciliation into our broader business strategy and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to prosper. Through our 2019-2021 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan we are stating our commitment to further reconciliation in Australia.

Artwork: This artwork was created for the Sydney Airport Reconciliation Action Plan by Aboriginal Artist Charmaine Mumbulla. The large circle at the centre of the artwork represents the busy, vibrant hub of Sydney Airport. Pathways weave and interconnect throughout this space showing connections, communities, gatherings, travel, trade and social interaction. The airport is surrounded by waterways, which were vital to trade, ceremony and cultural life of the First Australians.