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We aim to make your parking experience at Sydney Airport as easy-peasy as possible. If there is anything you would like to know that we could add into the FAQs, or if you have feedback on how we can improve your parking experience, please get in touch using our Contact form below.

What payment methods are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards and PayPal is accepted.

Do I get allocated a specific parking space?
How far in advance can I book a Guaranteed Space?
How can I get a copy of a receipt for an old online booking?
What if my return flight is delayed?
Why do I have to book Guaranteed Space in advance?
What happens if I don’t display the confirmation letter on the dashboard?
What is the minimum I book a Guaranteed Space for?
Is Guaranteed Space available at both Domestic and International?
What is "Guaranteed Space"?
What happens if Guaranteed Space is full when I arrive and I can’t park?
How do I book Sydney Airport Parking online?
How far in advance can I book parking online?
Are there any disabled spaces in the Guaranteed Space section?
What are the vehicle height restrictions at Sydney Airport car parks?
What is Parkwiz?
How do I identify myself as a Guaranteed Space customer once I have entered the car park?
Can I book online the same day I want to park?
How do I enter and exit the car park?
Is there a limit to how long I can make a booking for?
Can I download ground transport/parking signage plans?
Can I change my booking?
My Booking Confirmation email didn’t arrive – how do I get it?
Does Guaranteed Space booking allocate a specific parking space to me?
What will happen if I stay beyond my nominated exit date?
Can I cancel my online booking?
How do I book accessible parking online?


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