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Travelling with children

Plan ahead and be prepared before you leave home. Here's some information to help you with your journey in and out of Sydney Airport.

Planning for travel

Passports and visas for international travel

All family members, including infants, need a passport to travel overseas. Please make sure passports and any necessary visas are valid for everyone travelling. Remember you may also need a visa for any transit stops.

Contact your airline or travel agent, or check online to get the latest information for the countries you'll be visiting.

Your passports must be valid for a period of six months ahead of departure date for most countries.

Health requirements and medication

Please arrange to have all necessary vaccinations well in advance of your departure date. See your GP for more information.

If you or your children take any medication make sure you speak with your GP for advice. You may find individual airports and countries have their own specific restrictions and requirements.

For more information, please visit the Australian Government’s TravelSecure website.

Eating and drinking requirements

Some airlines offer special child, toddler and baby meals which can be requested at the time of booking.


It is highly recommended that you take out travel insurance for yourself and your family before departure. Travel insurance can protect against the high cost of emergency medical and hospital care overseas.

Contact your insurer for advice on your family’s needs.

Special assistance

Some airlines are able to offer assistance to the aircraft or strollers for use at the airport. You should contact your airline at least 48 hours before departure to check what assistance they are able to provide.