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Guangzhou’s Gateway: A Warm Welcome to China’s Southern Star - Travel Guide

January 30, 2024

guangzhoutravelguide Blog

Known as the 'Flower City', Guangzhou is an enchanting city where ancient temples, glistening skyscrapers and natural beauty meet to create an unforgettable experience. As you embark on this seven-day journey through China's second-largest city, you'll discover historic landmarks, indulge in rich culinary traditions, and explore stunning natural landscapes. Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime journey that will captivate your senses and leave you with lasting memories.

Day 1: A Warm Welcome to Guangzhou

Start your Guangzhou adventure at the iconic Canton Tower. This 600-metre tall tower, one of the world's tallest structures, offers a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the city. Hop on the Bubble Tram or make your way to the 450M Look Out for spectacular panoramic views of Guangzhou. As dusk falls, take a stroll along the Pearl River, with the city's dazzling skyline reflecting beautifully on the river. Guangzhou is home to more restaurants than any other Chinese city, so it’s the perfect spot to taste Cantonese classics like dim sum, char siu, and crispy roast duck. Round off the evening with a visit to a traditional Cantonese opera, a vibrant blend of music, drama, and performance art.

Day 2: Discovering Guangzhou's Rich Heritage

Delve into Guangzhou's rich history with a visit to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, a magnificent structure dedicated to the 'Father of Modern China.' Explore the intricate Guangdong architecture and art at the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall before getting a taste of Guangzhou's street food scene on Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street – a bustling hub with delicious local treats like shrimp dumplings and egg tarts. The day concludes with a serene evening at Yuexiu Park, home to the Five Rams Statue, and a visit to the ancient Temple of Six Banyan Trees, a Buddhist temple dating back to AD 537.

Day 3: Exploring the Charms of Kaiping

Journey South to Kaiping to discover the UNESCO-listed Diaolou in Zili Village and Li Garden. These multi-story towers blend Chinese and Western architectural styles and are a must-see when travelling to Guangzhou and the surrounding region. Sample local delicacies for lunch, wander along narrow streets lined with Qing Dynasty buildings in Chikan Ancient Town and end your day with a hands-on cooking class, where you'll learn to prepare traditional Cantonese dishes.

Day 4: Journey to the Picturesque Guilin

Travel to Guilin, a city celebrated for its natural beauty and otherworldly landscapes. The Reed Flute Caves, known as the 'Palace of Natural Arts', are a highlight, with their stunning formations and illuminated interiors. Afterwards, a guided culinary tour introduces you to Guilin's unique flavours – don't miss trying the famous Guilin rice noodles. Enjoy a leisurely boat ride on the Two Rivers and Four Lakes system in the evening, offering a serene view of the city's natural and urban vistas.

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Day 5: The Natural Beauty of Yangshuo

Embark on a breathtaking Li River cruise to Yangshuo. The river winds through dramatic karst mountains, traditional villages, and bamboo groves. In Yangshuo, you have the option to explore the countryside by bike or foot, passing through rice paddies and quaint hamlets. End the day with the spectacular Impression Sanjie Liu outdoor show, with beautiful folk music set against the natural backdrop of the Li River and karst peaks.

Day 6: Embracing Yangshuo's Tranquillity

Start with a peaceful morning Tai Chi session in the shadow of Moon Hill. Next, a bamboo raft trip on the Yulong River offers a serene way to take in the stunning scenery. The afternoon is yours to explore Yangshuo's bustling markets and cosy cafes, perfect for sampling local snacks and observing daily life. For dinner, venture to a local farm-to-table restaurant, where dishes are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Day 7: Farewell to Guilin

Your journey culminates in Guilin, where you can reflect on the unforgettable experiences in this unique part of the world. Take a leisurely stroll through local markets and pick up the perfect souvenir, from hand-painted fans to traditional bamboo crafts and silk scarves. Enjoy a farewell dinner, sampling local favourites, including stuffed Li River snails, lotus leaf braised duck and water chestnut cake. As you depart, carry with you not just keepsakes but also the memories and connections forged on this incredible journey.

Whether a food enthusiast, a history lover, or an avid adventurer, Guangzhou's mix of spellbinding landscapes, local cuisine, rich tradition and ancient temples offers a truly unforgettable experience. So pack your bags and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey to Guangzhou with China Southern and Wendy Wu Tours.

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