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Maintenance and Upgrade Works


Maintenance issues within your tenancy

Includes lighting, POS, repairs to cabinetry, fixtures and fittings and other maintenance issues within your tenancy

Works within tenancies are the responsibility of the tenant. 

Please engage a contractor of your choice (ensure AWPs and inductions are current). 

Onsite contractors are equipped with valid ASIC passes and are able to provide you with a quote for works require within your tenancies. Engagement of these services would be at the expense of the retailer.

Maintenance issues outside your tenancy

Includes power interruption, air conditioning, water loss, building related faults

Please report these issues to Sydney Airport Maintenance on 9667 9666. You will be issued with a job number that usually starts with ‘BUI’. Keep this number handy in case the issue requires escalation.

SYD will arrange to have a contractor visit your tenancy to assess the issue.

If it is found that it is an issue of Sydney Airport we will rectify the problem. If, however, it is found that the issue originates from within your tenancy and it is the responsibility of the tenant to complete repairs, the contractor will carryout temporary rectification works (in the case of a critical issues only). 

We reserve the right to on charge any costs incurred for these works back to you.

Tenancy services & maintenance responsibilities

A list of tenancy services and maintenance responsibilities can be found here

Airport Works Plan (AWP)

For information on Airport Works Plan (AWP), including how to apply and where to find support and guidance, visit the Safety and Compliance section of the Retailer Portal.