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Environment Policy & Strategy


Environment Policy

Sydney Airport’s Environment Policy forms the basis for the environmental management of Sydney Airport. The policy establishes the principles for the environmentally sustainable use of the airport, from which objectives, targets and environmental action plans in the Environment Strategy 2013 – 2018 are developed.

The Sydney Airport Environment Policy – which has been endorsed by Sydney Airport’s Chief Executive Officer – can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

 Sydney Airport Environment Policy (34kB)

Environment Strategy 2013 - 2018

Sydney Airport’s Environment Strategy 2013 - 2018 (the Strategy) was approved by the Australian Government on 17 February 2014. The Strategy was developed following an extensive community and stakeholder consultation process.

The Strategy details Sydney Airport’s environmental objectives and commitments for the next five years, builds on the environmental achievements made over the previous five years and promotes the continual improvement of environmental management at Sydney Airport.

The Strategy covers all ground-based environmental aspects associated with the operation of Sydney Airport including:

  • Sustainability and environmental management
  • Climate change and energy management
  • Water management
  • Air quality
  • Ground-based noise
  • Ground transport
  • Biodiversity and conservation management
  • Soil and land management
  • Spills response and hazardous materials

Please note that noise and emissions from aircraft in flight are issues which are addressed in the 
Master Plan 2033 and by relevant Australian Government legislation, rather than the Environment Strategy.

To download the individual chapters of the Environment Strategy, or a .zip file of the full document, click the links below.