Community investment and social impact

We are committed to developing and maintaining strong links with the community, not just in the vicinity of the airport, but across Sydney and NSW.

We actively engage with local communities and organisations about airport operations, proposed development and future planning. We also participate in and support our local communities through our established grants programs.

Visit the Sustainability report and the Stakeholder engagement section of this website for more information.

Our purpose is to make Sydney proud every day and our social impact strategy connects to that purpose. We’re focused on being purpose-led across three areas; our people, procurement and partners. Across these three streams we have set targets to achieve by 2024.

  • Increase our contribution to the community by 10% YOY to 2024
  • Increase our volunteering hours by 15% YOY by 2024
  • Increase our annual procurement with Indigenous businesses and social enterprises by 10% YOY to 2024
  • Increase the number of community organisations we support each year

Within our strategy, three pillars guide our investment in the community:

Live localLeading and learningSydney's Airport
We are committed to being a good neighbour and playing a role in keeping our local communities connected, healthy, vibrant and thriving. Click here for more.We support initiatives that provide opportunities for our leaders of tomorrow. We support those to be the best in their field, with a particular focus on supporting minority groups and reducing inequalities in our community. Click here for more.We are working to strengthen relationships between the airport and our communities by supporting tourism-generating initiatives that benefit the city and local communities, and by developing a sense of place at Sydney Airport that reflects our city. Click here for more.

Our community investment is measured annually by Business 4 Societal Impact and reported in our Sustainability Report.