Aircraft noise

Noise from aircraft remains a concern for people living around airports or under flight paths. A range of international and local industry players and regulatory authorities have roles and responsibilities for managing aircraft noise.

Sydney Airport is responsible for addressing ground-based noise and works closely with the community, aviation industry, and the Australian, NSW and local governments to manage and where possible minimise noise impacts.

This type of noise at Sydney Airport is distinguished from noise caused by in-flight aircraft operations, which are managed by Airservices Australia (ASA).

Noise sharing is one initiative for managing in-flight noise impacts and is the key aim of the Long-Term Operating Plan (LTOP), which involves varying the use of the runways at Sydney Airport to produce different combinations of flight paths affecting different parts of Sydney.

Master Plan 2039 outlines responsibilities in related to noise and aircraft noise mapping. To understand more about aircraft noise, see section 15 of Master Plan 2039.

Ground-based noise

Sydney Airport has a critical role to play in managing impacts from ground-based noise on the local community and on-airport users. The main sources of ground-based noise at Sydney Airport are engine ground running and construction in and around the airport.

Ground-based noise is covered by our Airport Environment Strategy and our approach to its management is explained here.