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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers which may assist you in preparing for a flight from Sydney Airport.



Are there any smoking areas at Sydney Airport?

Designated smoking areas are very limited at Sydney Airport


NSW legislation states it is an offence to smoke within four metres of a pedestrian entrance or exit of a public building. NSW Health Inspectors are responsible for enforcement and can issue $550 fines to people who do not comply with the law.

Sydney Airport has created smoke-free areas at our Arrivals and Departures entrance and exit areas at T1 and T2, clearly marked with signage.

To accommodate smokers, Sydney Airport also provides dedicated smoking areas at both terminals. If you are a smoker, we ask that you please ensure you use the designated smoking areas provided and do not smoke in the marked smoke-free areas.


T1 International terminal (T1) 

Smoking is not permitted inside the terminal or after Customs.  

There are no smoking areas for passengers transiting through T1.


T2 Domestic terminal 

Smoking is not permitted inside the terminal.  


Designated outdoor smoking areas  

NSW Government regulations prohibit smoking within four metres of a pedestrian entry to a building, such as an airport terminal.

To accommodate those who wish to smoke, we have provided dedicated smoking areas outside both terminals and ask smokers to consider the comfort of others and use these facilities. Signage indicating the location of these areas has been installed.


Printable maps

T1 (International) Arrivals - Smoking Areas 

T1 (International) Departures - Smoking Areas

T2 (Domestic) Arrivals - Smoking Areas 

T2 (Domestic) Departures - Smoking Areas

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